How To Help - Saving Eliza : Photographers Making A Difference

If you’re a photographer and you think you can raise $1,000 selling one of your prints for Eliza, please join us and help to cure this disease!

Here’s what all is involved: 

1. Click here to sign up and submit a print for consideration — no nudes or anything else that might be considered strictly NSFW please.

2. Once approved and posted, your photo will be available in three sizes — ____, ____ and ____ — for ___, ____ and ____, respectively. This is where your social media prowess and connection with your fans comes in

3. Use every connection you have to get your followers to come buy that print. It’s your job to promote this until you sell $1,000. It’s like a 5K pledge run. You pledge to raise a certain amount, now you have to actually go out and do it

4. Once you’ve hit $1,000 from that print, congratulations! Your job is done! That print will go in our “success gallery” and you can pledge to sell $1,000 of another print if you feel like you can do more. Either way, you’re a rock star and The O’Neills and all of us are eternally grateful for your contribution.

5. That’s it! Submit your work to help save Eliza’s life and end this horrible disease once and for all!! ! Note: You keep all of the rights to your images. The image (or images if you sell $1,000 of a print and want to start again with another) will be used exclusively for this project and then destroyed. 100% of the profits will go directly to the O’Neills and their cause.