The Journey - Saving Eliza : Photographers Making A Difference

Benjamin Von Wong and I first heard about Eliza a couple of months ago. A sick little girl, a cure within reach, just $2.5 million standing between her and a happy healthy life. Insurmountable odds by many people’s standards, but we know better than most that a single person can make a huge difference, so we got in touch and committed to doing whatever we possibly could to help this little girl live!

And so at the end of March, Von Wong, BTS videographer Guillermo Castellanos and I found ourselves sleeping on the O’Neill’s couches and trying to do the impossible: create a viral video so this story could get the attention it deserves. That video is out now and has already been picked up the NY Daily NewsThe Daily Mail, The Huffington Post and several more!

Check it out for yourself:

Money is coming in, the video is starting to go viral and do exactly what we hoped it would, but it may not be enough! Eliza and others like her are counting on us raising every cent necessary and we believe the many talented photographers in this amazing community of ours can help the O’Neill’s reach their goal!

That is what this site is about. If you’re a photography fan, click here to view the gallery of phenomenal prints up for sale. Every cent you spend will go towards Eliza’s cause and you will own a Limited Edition print from one of your favorite photographers! If you’re a photographer and you want to help, click here to find out how to submit your work and become a part of this journey.

Join us, and together we can do this!

-DL Cade